Is S&box going to add dynamic glass physics from Half life alyx?

Half life Alyx had dynamic glass physics which look great. I wonder if these are going to be added to S&box. It would be a shame if they didn’t.

Facepunch will either implement their own version of it or normal glass as we are used to. Afaik they can’t simply use Alyx assets.

This dynamic glass system isn’t “Alyx assets”, the glass textures, materials and models are.
Actual code that makes it tick would be shared between Source 2 games, considering Garry mentioned he has full access to the HLA code there’s no reason not to keep it around or rework it to be compatible with S&box if it already isn’t

Oh, didn’t know that it isn’t an Alyx specific thingy. All I know is that they got rid of it, can’t recall why tho