Is setting the FOV broken clientside for anyone else?

Since the last update, changing the FOV seems broken. I’ve heard of others with the same problem too.

I can change the FOV to 90 in settings but I can’t change it back to 75 again.

CalcView FOV does not work for me. Everything else in CalcView works fine.

Can you please type this in your console and tell me if it zooms in for 3 seconds? For me the viewmodel flips upside down or something but the FOV stays the same

** lua_run_cl hook.Add(‘CalcView’, 1, function() return {fov = 10} end) timer.Simple(3, hook.Remove, ‘CalcView’, 1)**

I didn’t do anything to my thirdperson script and when the update was out the FOV part in it just stopped working.

It’s broken for everyone, you said it yourself in the second sentence of your post.

It doesn’t work for me, actually all the FOV command never worked for me so I don’t think you can rely much on this information.

But I talked someone else and he said it worked in SP for him

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I tried the fix garry made for the beta svn. Now it works like the fov in settings. I can only change it higher, but it won’t go back down again.

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it’s fixed in the gmod svn now

I wonder if this will fix the player:SetFOV() not working right on the client in multiplayer.

Let’s hope so :smug:

Maybe you should install the beta and then you will know… or maybe don’t bother then you can bitch at me for being a cunt when the update is released and no-one has tested it.

Multiplayer in the SVN has always been bugged for me for some reason. I just get Lua errors spit at me everywhere. Probably doing something wrong with setting it up as a dedicated server though…

it works for me still?

I think he’s talking to blackops because I asked garry about the FOV being fucked on gtalk