Is someone can solve the problem of my Faceposer?

My shiity choreography doesn’t work

I mean, when i command something it doesn’t do anything

I cannot add an actor or WAV files, gestures

My OS is win 7 32bit
and VGA card is HD5870


I’m sorry this thread should be in “Fast threads”, here you only upload videos made from Garrysmod,
and I have no experience of faceposer


Try to explain in more detail? whats going on

does it say hlfaceposer.exe has stoped working?

and who ever rated him dumb be good and at least help him

ah sorry for my bad english!

hlfaceposer.exe doesn’t stop working, everything works fine except Choreography menu does not working, means I cannot add gestures, actors


ahahah oh wow…
You need to go to file, create new project VCD.
a actor isn’t a .VCD scene file.
basically you are trying to create something with out even doing file -> new.

Oh Thank you very much!

lol good work scoutking :slight_smile: