Is Source Mapping going to die?

Due to new next-generation modding tools being released, such as the CryEngine2 SDK, do you think mapping for Source is going to die?

I am rather worried about this, because I feel the Source Engine reaches a very good balance between complexity and ease of use. We have the newer engines, which can create very nice effects in a very short space of time but I always feel like the Source Engine is much more beginner friendly, while still allowing for complex creations.

This is probably an overdone discussion, but the Search button takes far more energy to find.

What is your opinion?


It is going to die a slow and painful death of noobs coming and complaining that its not drag and click… Its You actally need skill to do it type of mapping…

I think that soon… There gonna need to do a whole overhaul on the SDK, Its falling behind

Because i came fron Mapping for Warcraft 3 and Commander and Conquer Generals, So i had some trouble at first

Most likely. Yes.
That’s why I’m trying my hardest to learn a 3D modelling application so I can keep up with the model-based engines of the future.

Actually, I doubt it’s ever going to “die” there will probably always be people playing and modding the source engine for years to come. Personally though, I feel it has become rather drowned under the sea of more powerful engines that are available now or will be soon.

The Source engine can do quite a lot more than what people first think, the problem is it’s 80% problem solving. The majority of the time you have to find over-complex workarounds to get the results other engines could have done with half the trouble.

I just miss Source, it upsets me to see it die.

look at halo 1. People are still making many maps for halo 1: custom edition. We still have an extremely large userbase of source SDK for about 6 years.

Valve decides if it will. If they are not doing anything to increase the size of the grid, making fully realtime lighting, etc etc and continuing to give a damn about those who have not upgraded since 1990-2005.

Source will then die…

^ What he said.
Unless they upgrade the engine a lot, Source will die.
NS2 is kinda the new Source to me.

When Valve update Source ( and Hammer ) then it’ll be better.

When they “get around” to it, of course.

When they decide to upgrade source to the 2010 level of tech.

All other games would have double up better graphics.

Not everyone can afford to upgrade. Some people were actually hit by the recession.

I for example was laid off yesterday, I’ve bills to pay and such, I cannot afford to upgrade.

Hmm… Who does then buy all those pointed out games that are very great in graphics? Seems to be quiet a lot.

Oh wait, I DO!
If your pc is not capable of running crysis on medium settings you got to have some old 2000 machine, my current is nothing special, last time i upgraded was some cheap parts in 2005.

I just cannot wait to see if it ever goes open-source, so instead of mapping/modeling/mods people have ability to work with the whole engine, providing a lot more to do.

To be honest, I don’t want Source to die. Model-based mapping is the least modder-friendly possible…

um, no. 2000 is something like p3 era. as in, you will not run crysis period.

I want this version of source to die so badly. Then I want HL3 to come out, along with the latest SDK version. Then I’ll actually care about mapping again (especially if the latest version has better nature/foliage resources.)

In my opinion it is going to be around untill most games are based on DirectX11, and every normal budget pc can run them.

I don’t think it won’t, if VALVe updates their shizzle that is. I’d love some real time lighting, dynamic shadows, better reflectios, dynamic water, caustics, better vertex lighting etc.

No, it will not die.

Too many people play valve games and enjoy custom maps for it to die.

Source is incredibly outdated compared to the modern engines today. Valve needs to do a major upgrade to it, improve physics, add dynamic water, increase map size e.t.c. or it will die.

Edit: Well, it won’t die. There will always be people playing source games. But it won’t be as popular as it is today if Valve won’t start upgrading.

Portal 2 will bring these updates hopefully