Is Source mapping still going? How long until it dies?

Is Source mapping still going? How long until it dies? It’s much easier to create something unique quickly in Source - but I imagine it will die soon?

Look at the mapping pimpage thread. I think that will answer your question.

Yes but the real question is, if I made a map that took 6 months, is the audience of non-mapping players large enough to warrant the effort?

I believe gm_modern_house was at the total downloads of 3000 last count.

But most of us map for fun, not for money or downloads.

Plus, there will always be a new flatgrass to download.

Until another game offers the modability that the source engine offers, there will always be an audience. I don’t think the mapping scene will die any time soon. However, many of the more developed mappers are now moving on to UDK or CE3 since source is still a pretty primitive editor.

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Source SDK will never die.


Gmod toybox is more popular download place.

Pretty primitive editor.

The Source will always be within us.


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now, valve has this thing where: instead of making a new engine every 2 games, they keep making the old one better and better, so more mapping is to be done! sure, sometimes it’s hard to convert the levels for a new engine update, but hopefully, it’s always as simple as compiling the VMF with the new engine