Is Source SDK Multiplayer? Friend says it is another says it Isn't. Who is right?

Ok, so I’m talking to one of my friends on steam, and he says this.

“What server u on? (SourceSDK server)” and I was like, “Um, Source SDK, making maps” then he said “Ah, on which server?” Then I said, “Source SDK is NOT multiplayer” then he said, “Yes it is, you have to make 30421 maps”

So I want to know whether this claim is true or not. I asked another one of my mapping friends and he says it isn’t true.

I don’t even want Source SDK Multiplayer, but this statement was made and I want to know if it is or isn’t true.

You made my day.
No it’s not true.

Ok thanks. Better to have asked, and tell him he’s wrong. Then to have not asked and tried to make 30421 maps.

I can never get 30421 maps, I always die at the 2000 mark.

I don’t even think I can get 200

So dumb.

This is one of those tricks people fall for by telling them they’ll get something that doesn’t exist if they do something incredibly difficult first.

there is no cow level

Alright, I was foolish enough to fall for his trick. But I am sure glad that I asked on here. Who knows what I could be doing right now if I hadn’t asked…

There is also no Ambulance ending. You can’t pick up that fucking Glucose.

Some people simply amaze me.

I’m not sure what this thread is about but I think I have a better understanding of why children sometimes drink bleach.

what the fuck am i reading image macro in here

Look at it this way, being born is 100% fatal.

Imagine if it was multiplayer though. What do you guys think of that… Build offs?


sounded like Sourceforts…

Or being able to work together better than before, although I think with instancing you can already do something like that.

Some mods do not show up correctly on steam when playing them and may appear as “Source SDK” with server options.

Firegod and i did something by using dropbox and instancing. It worked quite well.

Heh that was fun. :v:

Start a manifest folder. Everyone gets invited, start up a map. Everyone starts mapping. Have somebody move everything around in the main map. Suddenly it updates every time somebody saves.