Is spacebuild still alive?

I haven’t played gmod in over a year and spacebuild in 2+. Is it totally dead or are some servers still kicking?

As far as I know there’s a small amount of servers that host it, an even smaller amount that have players on it. They’re all Spacebuild 3, Which you can now get with Workshop.

So there’s no replacement project in the works? Whatever happened to sb4 and that one super fancy looking system that was demoed a long time ago (it had well made/animated 3d models and cables fro life support)?

Holy shit, I totally remember that, it looked so god damn sweet, that must have been like 1-2 years ago that I last heard of that.

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Also, try space engineers maybe.

I would like to play spacebuild 3 if it wasn’t for the custom models for life support 3 being terribly unoptimized and laggy.

i have a starwars themed spacebuild 3 server running.
thats the ip if anyone is inerested

There is a Spacebuild 2 based aliens-vs-humans gamemode which works under Gmod 13. That is - if it hasn’t just broken after this last update…

Shorts answer: No. Long answer: No.
Unless you feel like donating for perks or want to deal with some Star Wars Leia sex RP.

The source engine map size limit killed spacebuild. Nobody likes it because the maps are too small.