Is spawning Portals possible?

I am not requesting anything!

I just made this thread to ask if the Portals in Portal are effects or particles or whatever they are.

I tried to spawn a model/effect/particle which appeared to be a portal but it didn’t function properly.

Is there a way to spawn a portal? I am not looking to go threw the portal, just wanting to spawn a correctly working portal. Is it possible?

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No replies yet?

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Still no replies!

Well that’s a bit tricky, you’d need to find the particle effects somehow and piece them together in some way

Would it be possible to make lets say make an effect tool that can use custom effects? Would this work?

Or am I making wild guesses again?

Ummm… Do you meant the glow around the portal or the portal altogether?
If you’re talking about the glow around the portals, then it’s a mix between a texture and particles.
If you’re talking about the portals itself, then you can’t spawn them. They’re special entities hardcoded into Portal.