Is sv_allowcslua 1 worth it to be in darkrp and ttt?

People are just going on servers like crazy with lennys script and destroying the servers with aim bot and stuff I know it is the owners fault. But still it shouldn’t be a thing when playing darkrp or ttt or anything like that cause its getting pretty bullshit i’v used it once on a sv_allowcslua 1 server and it’s too easy to destroy the server. For a like 10-20 minutes.

use a generic blacklist and suddenly lenny is useless and etc

I’m not having issues with it. And I did do that to my server just people new to hosting servers wouldnt even know the command was real.

It would be nice if Darkrp left sv_allowcslua as its default value huh

It would be nice if Sandbox had sv_allowcslua 1 and base had sv_allowcslua 0.


I honestly think, if you’re willing to trust people with it, it’s their fault if they do something wrong with it.

Yeah it would be best to have it disabled, there isnt too much you can do to wreck the server from the client but wallhacking and aimbotting can be done.

What sort of positive things can you actually do or have seen be done with sv_allowcslua?

By positive I mean ‘doesn’t ruin the game for others’

I had some custom hud while playing darkrp in year 2009 and it was a nice thing?

Script to help with piano playing

Aimbotting, big map props that wont allow you to trace who it was. Triggerbot, esp, propsurf and shit.

sv_allowcslua 1 is always on for some people. turning it on would make no difference

What do you mean “for some people”? Its a serverside command

Cheaters who force it with injection.

Ahh, I wonder if you could make a Callback function when sv_allowcslua is set to 1 where it creates a “Think” hook to set it to 0 every five seconds or something. Not sure if that would really solve anything besides spam chat though

You can do multiple things (like an anticheat) such as using the cvars.AddChangeCallback and checking the cvars value. But changing it with console would be pointless because they likely ‘freeze’ the memory so that it cannot be changed by anything except the program that froze/changed it in the first place.

Using Smartsnap on servers that don’t have it
Creating your own chat bot
Making your player move around on its own
Ever played metaconstruct? That’s what you can do with sv_allowcslua 1.