Is team time, Doctor

Actually I was just making a wallpaper for me and my friend (we play a lot of tf2 together) and i noticed that it turned out really high quality and thread material.
My friend picked thread music.

100% in-game.

jpeg_quality 100

i did.

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I’ll try another uploader.

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now uploaded with imgur

Doesn’t matter what uploader you use. I can still see the fuzzy compression bullshit.

If you want good quality, put this into the console in gmod: bind “” “devshots_screenshot”

When you want to take a picture, press \ and the pic will be saved as a TGA in your screenshots folder. After that, open up the file in Photoshop or GIMP and save it as a PNG. THEN upload it, and you’ll have good quality.

Dear god don’t save it as .PNG
instead of saving it .jpg, save it .jpeg
It makes somewhat of a difference.

You do realize that jpg and jpeg are the exact same right? They both make the picture look like shit.


Seems to make a difference when I save it differently in photoshop, but .PNG is completely unnecessary anyways, you’ll only find pixelshits if you go looking for them and it’s generally fine if you saved with the developer screenshot command and save it as .JPG.
.PNG makes the image huge and have a noticeably longer load time. I have 50mpbs down and it still makes a big difference.

Guys don’t be quality whores, the pic itself is very nice.