Is that a dyson? - gmod video

So I thought of writing some LUA and combining it with my Dyson model to turn it into one of the most dangerous close quarter combat weapons ever devised by man’s imagination.

Enjoy my John Wick style of Dysoning.

Once I iron out the code, I plan on releasing it on the steam workshop.

Oh god it’s too good

I hope each model has a timed life (or an overall cap), otherwise this would crash the game engine really fast

Good thinking. I know that so far, despite spamming it for a long time, no problems have occured, but I’ll make sure to add a timed life feature.

I’m also thinking of creating a secondary attack that fires a dyson that combusts upon impact.

What if the explosion is delayed? Like it hits something and explodes a second or so afterwards.

I love that you nodded at the antlions

That’s exactly what I am thinking. They explode after 2 seconds kind of like HE nades.

Have them explode into a puffy cloud of dust and dirt

holy shit is that sharpeye?

that still works? the last time i heard about that addon was in 2013 where it was ‘fixed’ and then forgotten about

yeh, holy fuck, did the guy actually fix it ??

This is sexeyyy.

Dude that’s a great idea. It fixes the need for props to disappear, I’ll just have them all explode into puffy little smoke. In fact the smoke explosion is going to be inverse where in the enemy actually gets sucked INTO the explosion.

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It works perfectly fine. The one I have is called “sharpeye_123514260.gma” so I think it should be fine.

lovely music

I kinda want to see a what it looks like on the receiving end now.

So I gotta know.
How do you reload it…?