"Is that all that you got?" Char~ laughts at troops after been stroke by a missile

Well I think this one is my best edit so far, I went for artistic not realistic.
As usual I made 2 edits, one with a warmer look and one normal.




The lens flare is a bit badly placed and the jpeg quality level doesn’t seem so high.

Weird thing… I made sure everything was on top when taking the pics and editing them :confused:
Well besides the JPEG quality is there something else wrong?

What you think about the smoke & the other stuff? :stuck_out_tongue:

Also Bodelan, Is the lens flare too low/high? :expressionless:

EDIT: Why bad spelling?

I think it’s struck lol
it’s a decent picture but the ground shows no sign of impact.

I like the warmer better.

One of your duties of making something “artistic”, is making sure that your picture makes sense without it having a proper title. I wouldn’t understand the idea of the picture without your title. If I looked at it without the title, I would think that it was the grim reaper walking through a desert.

Lens flare’s are always bad unless to take a more subtle approach at them. Add some transparency so that you barely notice it.

Also, the spelling is an assault on the English language. I didn’t know missiles could stroke people. But I guess you learn something new everyday.

Ohh thanks for pointing that out… Maybe a moderator can change the spelling on the thread name if its wrong.

And about the ground… well there was a little ground/dust debris behind the Character, like a flatten dune, but I thought it didnt looked nice, so i just dump that and added more smoke :v:

Ok, my english aint perfect, and I couldn’t think of a better title :expressionless:
Well about the lens flare, I will try adding transparency on next pics, thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

Im adding Original picture of the desert & the steps I tooked to re-make the model.

Media tags 'cause they rox.

Model re-making.


Original Desert.

Also try to rate my picture not my spelling <3

Last bump before closing!

Thanks for all the already posted comments, they were really helpful <3

Not bad not bad… Rated artistic… I like it pretty much… Both…
Tho its true… The light lens are wrong…