Is That All You Got Sissies?!.png


So… Is Got Sissies a person?

Well where is Mr.Sissies?

I don’t get the title.

Oh shit,
It’s suppose to be
“Is that All You Got Sissies?”

Is that all the best you can do? No seriously what in the hell is up with the Spy on the right? Also did the Soldiers arm and hand break from the recoil?

Blood and muzzle flash needs work, but posing’s not bad.

Thanks for the constructive critism. /sarcasm

Yeah, the muzzleflash is pretty bad, but for the blood, I was trying for a more cartoony look, gotta research that more.

Use sharp brushes when you draw blood. And if you need to smooth it later.

Ah, thanks.

that’s not very constructive bro