Is the a specific format for uploads to

Hello Peoplez :smiley:

My Question is:
Is there any specific file specifications to upload files to

I ask this because I have a weapons pack to upload and I cant upload it, I have tried at a friend’s house, I have tried using a proxy. I think that there is something wrong with the file.

If anyone one has any help I would love to hear it :D

The packs I am trying to upload;

  • Dragon’s SMG Pack
  • Dragon’s Assault Rifles
  • WW2 Russian Weps
  • All Modern Warfare 2 Weapons (with fixed anims + models)
  • Futuristic Weapons
  • Dragon’s Pyro Pack (explosives, Flame weapons)
  • Novelty weapons (Hello Kitty Deagle etc… ) xD
  • Dragon’s Melee Weapons pack (Baseball bats, Knives etc…)

Please Help Me I have a F##K-ton of stuff to upload :S

Don’t upload packs, all you’re doing is drawing less attention from the original developer.

They need to be .zip files. .rar or .7z files will be rejected.

Also, the .zip files cannot contain any other .zip or .rar files, or it will be rejected.


sometimes packs can actually contain all original content

I have made sure that it is a .zip format :S

I’m not sure about the contents and if they have to be in a specific order or something.


OMG this is soo frustrating, hours of work, unreleasable :C

You are wasting your time, people will disrespect you for uploading other authors’ work.

Hey CMasta
When you planning to come out with something new?
Been awhile since I saw your stuff on the front page.

Your not exactly one to talk, most of your stuff is ripped from games or just ported into gmod.


Infact, looking at your player models, they are ripped from Shotgunguy’s packs.

do you know who CMasta even is?
Hes a novice scriptwriter so GTFO Dragon -_-

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I have no Idea what that means, If you mean a Novice as in learning Scripter, good for him.

I am also a scripter, I can code Lua, PHP, HTML and C++ currently learning C# / sharpe for A levels.


p.s I think you need to take your head out of his ass hole, your family aint seen your face for weeks lol :smiley:

and I dont know who he is, no :slight_smile:

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