Is the armor from the dev post 28 ever gonna make it into game?

Like I know the game is no where done yet, and there are other things to worry about then this at this moment. But the hoodies,pants, and shorts dont really feel like they fit the tribal,savage,raider, and psychopath feel to rust. The armor concepts from the 28 dev post look awesome and very much soo fit the feel to rust. Will there ever be something like that, that makes it into the game?

I hope so…the current wood armor and sign armor are jokes. I laugh when I see people wearing them.

I feel like they’ve tried to bring a more “salvaged” feel to Rust. Everything is made from parts of something else. These concepts don’t really fit that theme to me.

Like you mentioned though, clothes are a bit weird. They look like the shit I put on in the morning. Not something I stitched together with metal fragments I dug out of the ground and fibers I got from animals and plants. Wouldn’t mind a conceptual reworking of the current clothing sets - but I’m not sure the above is the direction I’d like to see them go.

Competeley agreed with you ash, the stuff we have soo far is just too normal. And if you got anything pics you like to post about the armor should look like go ahead.

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If anyone reading this would like to post their ideas go ahead :smiley:

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Thought this fit in rusts theme here.

I agree. I always felt that everyone’s character in Rust is a soldier that is/was part of some experiment. This is why we can craft and know how to use the weapons.

The clothes kind of through that “feel” off.

Although I like the jeans and t-shirts that are plain.

Ya nothing is wrong with the jeans and t-shirts but for the fact that they look too clean for my likes, like they should have patchs and rips or something. They look like they got maked at a factory.

Honestly? The shit they have now does it for me. Armor made of road signs doesn’t look “awesome”, “fierce” or “savage”. But that’s Rust. You’re on a goddam radioactive island and the materials at hand are basically the trash that civilization left behind. I’d like to see more piecemeal crap that looks like it was drug out of a junkyard. Not nicely coordinated costumes that look like something out of a dark comic book.

I get that people fall for the aesthetically pleasing stuff you’ve posted so far. They look nice, don’t get me wrong. But I dunno… I don’t see a lot of Rust on them.

Dark comic book? Well i wouldn’t say the stuff i posted gives the dark comic book feel. But if you didnt look alot of the outfits in the pics are made of trash. What i was getting at right now as the armor is, it feels like i went to a store and bought jeans,hoodie,winter coat, and shorts. The rest of the items right fine. But really rust like it or not is a Awesome fierce savage game where you home make your gear with whats on the island. The jeans,hoodie,winter coat, and shorts are like something made at a factory. If you would like to post something of what you think armor should look like go ahead. Until then dont go telling me that im making people for fall for stuff when this is just question of when or ever was any of that armor gonna get added.

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Anyway heres more armor concept art the devs showed