Is the beta signup site down?

I just wanted to check where I was in the queue, and the screen is white, and it says “site under construction” in the title bar. I hope I don’t go higher in the queue because they change the system again!

Why torture yourself by looking at a receding position in the queue? :smiley:


You’re not alone.

The site is indeed down, but I am unaware of why. I would look for information in their discord, since I’m sure someone would’ve said something about it.

It was actually going down a bit.

IN THEORY, the site is under maintenance because someone with the dev preview leaked the game.

Here you have more information (but isn’t official): Leak of s&box posted on 4chan, leaker caught

does anybody have a link for the queque site???


If this whole beta signup thing gets shutdown because of 1 leaker I’m gonna be so mad.

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Ikr? I was gonna get the game in like 18 days, too. :frowning:

Since the majority of the tools were designed by Valve, I’m curious if they will also take action against these copies of the game on Steam.

Valve trusted garry enough to just give him the source 2 engine, so I’d doubt they’d take copies off steam. I assume that the leaks are cracked versions of the game, not ones on steam.

Yes that’s true but I was thinking more if they could do something at the SteamAPI level to resolve that? (I heard that the pirated versions use another game to access the multiplayer servers like the official versions).

It was down, but now it’s back online