is the exsternal crosshair bannable?

hey guys

was playing rust and there was a clan in the server that were killing everybody with the bow in one shot.

All peoples started complaining and stuff because we all thought they were cheating, those guys end up saying they were using external crosshair and some of them had the crosshair build in they screen( checked online and most of the asus has it).

My questions are:

  1. Are external crosshair bannable?

  2. If peoples use the crosshair built in their monitor how can they be caught?

I think the best thing at this point is to put the crosshair in rust and give player the choice to use it or not, what do you think?

If it’s an overlay, not likely, as it doesn’t alter game files or alter game memory.

I’ve heard of people using strings strapped across their monitors to tape on the screen, etc.


not bannable as it can’t be proven without going to the players computer in person, though having it might increase received accusations of things like aimbot.

cheap, and personally i don’t do it. no reason to have a crosshair magically appear before your eyes though, use the weapon sights like everyone else.

No, it’s not bannable. Some monitors have them built in nowadays and there’s plenty of overlay programs that will do it for you too.

The only way to really stop it is to have a Red Orchestra-esque aim cone sway sort of deal, where if you move your weapon left and right it’ll move the weapon until you hit the edge of the cone, then start moving your actual camera. It’s hard to describe unless you’ve played a game with it (e.g. RO games, ARMA games, some other games I probably don’t know about too).

checks new monitor to see if it has crosshair overlay built in

frowns, disappointed

Yea I dont use it either :frowning: But I thought of this as soon as I started playing Rust. I first heard of this years ago when I was playing counterstrike 1.6. Some guy was getting unreal no scopes. He told me that he drew a crosshair on his monitor with sharpie. I have heard of small piece of tape, crayon, felt pen, pencil, the string technique, etc.

Personally this would drive me fu**ing nuts whenever I wasn’t in-game, trying to actually use the crosshair (thats there half the time anyway).

Ive only seen the overlay on some Asus models so far, anyone else?

I had stopped doing it before the last update that made the bows appear off-right so you can’t use the bow graphic to aim. Since then though, the bow is useless unless you have an aiming dot. I use bluetack, as someone else mentioned.

No need for fancy software and built-in overlays.

Just stick a small square piece of scotch tape (durex) at the center of the screen, go to the game, find the exact center of the screen and carefully mark that spot with a permanent marker pen, you know, the ones you use to write on CDs or plastic. Be sure to mark only the tape, as it can be easily peeled off from the monitor. The tape is almost invisible and won’t interfere with daily activities.

But of course, I don’t do this myself. I only share this knowledge for academic purposes!

tape are only training wheels for aiming. real players learn how to aim through practice, get to “feel” the shooting. that being said, i can’t say i’m good at aiming so…