Is the game playable now after the hotfixes or is it still bugged?

Basically what the title says.

Freezes and crashes seem gone, but still bugs like decay on active base, not being able to place sleeping bag inside, no comfort from fire don’t know if this is all servers or just the one i play but would be strange if it was only us.


18 hours ago?? well i guess they didn’t upload that hotfix yet cause that is not working yet on my server no way to test it at this moment since its lagging so hard, last time i tried it was 9 hours ago.


still bugged.

Not been bad for me on a community server. Just find it hard to place beds and sleeping bags.

no lag or stutter for me after latest update.

It’s like offering to let someone taste-test your new recipe, and then bringing out a plate of smoldering burnt-to-shit cookies.

…Ok… Why? Did you need independent confirmation that the cookies are burnt to shit? The purpose of the taste-tester comes after the point of being edible.

Everybody burns cookies, big deal. You make more, you try something new, the world moves on. If your cookies were perfect and ready to be sold, you wouldn’t need the testers. It’s the act of repeatedly bringing out the plate of charred ash, plopping it down on the table and saying “bon appetit!” that I find absolutely perplexing within the context of a “taste-test”.


If the same White Knights who evaded direct questions about the “dev” build in other threads could take time out of their busy schedule down-voting and explain why it’s so inconceivable to expect obvious issues be tackled in a smaller environment before being pushed to a much larger one where more in-depth playtesting occurs, that would be great… and a nice change from useless.

“It’s alpha” is not a valid response to why a development team deliberately releases broken code and then goes into a 2-day frantic rush of incremental hotfixes. When this type of thing happens, it’s usually because of marketing pressure and hard deadlines for shipping… an indie studio doesn’t have those pressures. Tell me Garry is doing it to motivate his team because they get more accomplished under the gun, I’ll accept that… at least it would make sense, even if deeply unsatisfying for paying server owners to hear.


My game still crashes. Doesn’t even give me an error log either. Just randomly goes back to desktop. Sometimes I’ll be in the server playing and it crashes, or I will be joining the server or just loading the game. This is happening more and more with each update. I love the game and everything, but damn its been a day you would think they would have at least given everyone an update on the problem and that they know what’s going on. Or tell us they are trying to fix it and not to lose hope lol

no one in our server can place sleeping bags or beds on foundations. We can only place them on the ground. Hope they fix it soon!

I mean, they do warn you in the store that the cookies might be shitty and unfinished, it’s kind of the whole point of alpha.

I thought I had made my analogy extra clear. Shitty is highly subjective. Unfinished is to be expected. I said burned.
We’re here to test a buggy, unfinished game… that’s what we signed up for. The purpose of alpha playtesting is to provide feedback. There’s more going on here than some optimization issues with certain video cards … that’s the sort of thing that needs mass feedback. My question is: is feedback useful in a scenario where you’re aware of major game-breaking issues?

I’m not suggesting fewer updates, I’m not demanding better code, I’m not expecting anyone to get things right right off the bat. I’m simply asking a simple question about alpha playtesting strategies:
Is there a better, more sensible way to approach the situation of broken patches than to plow ahead and push out the update to full distribution, followed by a series of frantic hotfixes, again all pushed to all clients?