Is the game too easy?

So I just jumped in on a random server with about 80-90 people on it.

I began to run inside a radtown and found myself a gun + some ammo (very easy to get).

Then I began running around the map, I ran 2 laps around the whole map before I finally gave up. When I gave up I had an Mp5, 4 guns (1 fully modded), about 100+ ammo for all weapons, items to build a house, ores, full leather armor and a lot more.

Why is the game so easy? Because people think this is minecraft and instead of arming themself they build a huge f*cking house and sits around it all day long doing nothing except adding more storys to it.

IMO, to make the game interesting, PvP servers should have a limit on house building, you shouldn’t need more then 2 explosives to get into someones house and steal his shit. If you wanna build join a PvE server.

2 laps around the whole map would have taken nearly 16 hours.

16 hours of play and you didn’t stop to set up a base? or find friends?

The map you see on google and similar is a severely cut down version of the map, it’s the most populated area and the only area with materials.

So what you actually mean to say is;

You did two laps of the main road, got lucky with loot drops and have run out of stuff to do?

Well yes, that’s because the game is in it’s alpha.

If you don’t play half the content, of course it’s going to seem easy.

If you’re sitting there, pvping in the middle of the night, out of ammo so you’re sneaking around with the bow against 3 people in their tower with kevlar and M4s…
You tell me it’s easy.
Then bugger off because you’re lying to sound clever.

Finding weapons and ammo in rad towns is not what makes the game challenging, other people are.

It’s supposed to be “easy” right now, it’s in alpha and they want us to test everything, it will become much harder when we get close to a release version.

There’s no need to walk further away then the main road and I’m quite sure you understood what I meant.

What’s the other half of the content? building a house? that sounds hard.

And yeah sure it’s not easy killing 3 guys in kevlar with a bow, duh… but is it hard to kill 3 guys with a bow and you’re in full kevlar with an m4? No, bad argument.

There’s no need to be “lucky” with drops, getting a gun and ammo is piss easy.

Other people, as I said sits around their huge houses and does nothing all day, maybe farm a little metal/sulfur to build more stuff for their house.

EDIT: I’m aware that this is an alpha, I’m just not feeling they’ll change anything about what I’m complaining about.

Everyone that is going to suggest putting artificial limitations on players is pissing in the wind. Garry has already posted what his goals with this game are, and doesn’t give a crap what you think. There aren’t going to be limitations on what people do. Asking for it just makes you sound like a douche.

No, not necessarily. Garry has stated that the structure is firm, but the reason this subforum is even here is for suggestions, he wants to use the community to mold the overall game. If enough people can agree that the game is too easy then likely it will get harder…

It’s not about what they do, its about what they CAN do, and that is something else.

Just don’t worry about it, Wiz. Things will get more balanced as the development progresses, you always have to keep in mind that the game is still in Alpha, it needs to take shape before this kind of stuff can be added. Just make a convincing argument on why the game should be made more difficult and I am sure the developers will consider it.

You’re basically playing a proof of concept, not a final product. The game, and its relative difficulty will be subject to change for a while to come, I suspect.

In any case, you’re probably going to lose everything you’ve found within a week, so you’ll be back to square one in no time.

Also, people build big structures because that’s about all there currently is to do in the game right now.

You guys are right, he wants to hear some ideas that his customers have, but I’m pretty sure that doesn’t include putting limits on what players can do. 2 c4 to blow into a persons house? only if they have 1 wooden door protecting it. In a case like that it’s a learning experience for them to build a better defense. 2 c4 on someone who had to build a tower or put some serious time into their base? not gonna happen. Just like the only limit to building is going to be time and resources.

If you saw his other post about metal doors, he doesn’t want balance. He wants to be able to wreck an entire tower in 5 seconds with 2 c4. I’m starting to see a pattern here, and I doubt very much he is going to be getting his request.

Seems legit