Is the Giant grass dome a bug?

I’ve seen no threads on it, ill post pictures when im home…Am i the only one who has seen it.

If you are walking on the road and come to the factory, take a right off the road and it will take you into a small resource valley. In the forest next to the valley is this giant dome that looks like a hill, but you can walk right though it and be inside the hill. Its good camoflauge. But its fairley obvious when someone is building in there. Anyways is this a glitch or a bug? are they aware of it?

What are the coordinates?

Ill have to get them when I am home and at my comp.

was in the area last night and did not see anything like that

I think they said they patched that bug. But here is a video I made of it. Lived in it since last update.

never seen that o_O

Yep thats the one!

I checked the video, It looks pretty cool actually haha. I wonder if they plan on any type of camouflage being added to the game?

So it looks like you only see this if you have grass on?
With coords

I had a small camp in that while I was first starting on a server i recently joined. helped me stay hidden. I thought it was kinda funny.

Has never appeared in my time playing and I frequently have bases over there or am farming in that exact area. Probably is related to grass being off for me.

I found this during the dev version 2 patches ago. If you had searched the forum you would have found it