Is the massive FPS drop fixed ? IMPORTANT

I don’t really feel like clicking the steam link, I might want a refund if the game still lags when looking to the North.

Some points:

  • bought the game like a week ago.
  • played fine for 1 day, then they put up the patch with all the rocks and it lagged hard when looking to the north.
  • wasn’t the only one with the problem.

Also, I was having 60-100 FPS when looking to the south/SE/SW.

As I said before I am pretty sure the game renders all the rocks, even if they are not in your direct FOV/LOS.

Some “know all, fix all” type of guys told me to wait for the steam release. So, does it work now, is it playable for you guys that had this problem previously ?

P.S. Stop the troll/useless posts aka get better PC/grass.on false/turn everything to low.

Since they added the rocks there has been major lag to some users but now they have moved to steam it should increase the frames a little bit(I think because they haven’t optimized the game yet)and if you want higher FPS do in game F1 then type in the console grass.on false to remove the grass unless you want quality from the game not performance.Also do turn everything on low unless you want quality too.
Hope this Helps you :slight_smile:

well… i just played some minutes… and i didnt noticed any fps improvments with the steam version until now.

Did you do the whole turning low on everything and okay then they might optimize the game soon.

you know, there are some who havent been able to play since friday right? luxuryous problems!

I know I feel sorry for the ones who cant play.Im just trying to help people :slight_smile:

It’s a lot better on steam , i’m having atleast 30fps increase.

The FPS boost will be noticeable only for small amount of people it seems, i haven’t noticed any FPS boost for example. But the crashing on startup should be gone.

I didnt noticed a FPS Boost still laggy if i look to the Mountain.

Thanks for your thoughtful reply, but if you carefully examine my first post you will see that i already tried all of that.

Oops sorry.