Is the multiplayer crash fixed, YET?

I had this problem for almost a month and I hadn’t been able to play multiplayer somehow caused by a crash on multiplayer, until I got my self to reinstall the game and I’m not sure this is fixed yet and I had problems with this before and they were fixed by a simple reinstall, so I’m hoping after a month of updates, I hope one of them looked at this problem and fixed it.

Again, cause by a crash on multiplayer.

Which part of multiplayer are you crashing? Also, some specs would be good

To tell you, I’m on a mac and works like if garrys mod was a 2D game
It does have dual cores, in this case, intel, likely the good model.

This is a random occurrence, so this can happen with any map and fail.

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Its a iMac

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For admins,
sorry for posting in the wrong thread as I just noticed the help and support sub thread.

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Operating system: Mac OS X (currently version 10.6.5)
Power: 241 or 365 Watts
CPU: Intel Core i3
Intel Core i5
Intel Core i7
Storage capacity: 500 GB - 2 TB SATA HDD
256 SSD (27" iMac Only)
Memory: 4 GB - 16 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 RAM