Is the new engine safe from Steam ID 'spoofing'?

Just a heads up, [no it isn’t](fuck u). With VAC still disabled, the roadblock stopping it from working in other Source games is not a problem. I advise you look into some sort of protection, such as making sure the Steam ID returned by the client matches the server’s.

Garry made sure that can’t happen.

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And yes, I can confirm that this method is legit. It’s the same SteamID swapping method that was used for TF2 before GMod moved over to the new engine.

The one difference is that GMod is still not validating the auths on the backend.


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I remember getting a rootkit or some scary thing that i didn’t know what it was from the old old gmod. Actually that was probably before Gmod10

What are the risks now? This thread confuses me. Basically, I just want to know if there are any risks for a client joining a server.

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