Is the Noesis Character Design and Integration DVD worth 50$ ?

I’m trying to learn to model humanoid characters, and i have 50$. So should I buy thay disc ?

You could buy it yeah, or you could watch some videos on youtube, you might even find an uploaded version of said tutorials.

No offence, but it almost sounds like you are suggesting some illegal stuff there.

Because noone knows that you can find everything on the internets…

Buy it only if you know that you won’t give up after failed attempts.

If I were you I would spend the money for a pen tablet and watch the free tuts.

Depends on what you need, if you are 100% noob, then maybe, if you only need a part of it, like compiling or modelling, I’d say no.

What does tablet have to do with modeling a humanoid? It’s very difficult to model with a tablet unless you’re sculpting in Mudbox or Zbrush.

Ok, then i guess i’ll buy the DVD.

Also, /thread


I wouldn’t buy the DVD. I have it, and it didn’t help me that much. Some of what they teach is bad practice. However…

If your fairly new to it it might be worth it. See if you can get it second hand anywhere on Amazon or such.