Is the nuke pack broken?

I have noticed that after the latest update my nuke pack has stopped working properly. I can not use the nuclear airstrike and there is no rocket noise when controlling the nuclear missiles.

Is the nuke pack broken for everyone or just me?

Pic of lua errors:

I have gotten errors from it, too. But what they were exactly, I don’t know. Maybe… RayFan, among others, will have to make a Nuke Pack 5!!1:hawaaaafap:

I think I just read that GMod won’t take Vector anymore, or something involving angle and vector.


So nothing can be done then?

If you know what you’re doing you can fix it…

I got the same problem.

Is that all you’re going to tell us…
Maybe the people in Lua would have some suggestions?

I know some Lua, I’m not a Lua god :smith:

It’s trying to call the entity that just blew up and destroyed itself in that image, a looping line of code trying to talk to the entity, but it won’t reply because it doesn’t exist.

Is this nuke pack 4, the newest one released by Failure? Or an earlier one?

Why, four of course.

Then unless you want to dig through the missile entity code for the looping line, I suggest you report this to Failure.

Why would the version matter? IS there a fifth pack?

Yes, the version does matter, because version determines if it’s using the, and follow me on this:


There could be an UNGODLY amount of errors with version 1, a few less with version 2, less with version 3, and version 4 could have only a few due to syntax errors and the like.

So yes, it’s very useful to have the most up to date version, as that’s the easiest to fix. Thank you for reading.

I just thought it a rhetorical question since I could never find 3-, probably not a coincidence.


So I guess the next task is contacting Failure.


Ive got a few errors whenever I start a game with the nuke addon. Doesnt seem like a big problem tho.

That’s most likely the missing mario and fragile nukes. I need to delete those…

my nuke pack 4 works fine. try downloading again? you might just be missing files completely.

another thing, try reloading (like just press r) the airstrike? because all you said was it wasnt shooting.

No I am quite sure it is because of some new physics code. It says it gets vector, expects angle. But it’s worth a shot.


Perhaps it was updated…:raise:
Otherwise…what to do if that doesn’t work?