Is the official vmf released to public?

I’m looking for a copy of the original vmf for gm_construct, is it available? Because i think i saw it once, but i can’t remember where.

I’m not making a re-make of it, i’m just making a personal thing so that the map loads as a background when i startup gmod, but with a custom view.

Decompile it.

Search around the forums or Garry’s blog. He released a modified version that was to become the GM10 construct. (I think this was what it was designed for). He wanted more people’s input and eventually canned all our input.

Ok, thanks Lord Ned.

Red Heavy: That’s only good for seeing how something was made in hammer, compiling will be fucked

Hardly anything will be fucked, I recently decompiled 2 of my L4D maps because of a harddrive crash and my friends had the .bsps. I only had to redo all lights, change the properties on my props, redo some cubemaps and redo all overlays. Worked fine after that and no bugs in-game or compile errors.

Still it caused some extra work but I got everything PERFECT this time.

Wrong. Decompiling a map will never give you the original brushwork that the original VMF had. You’ll always have brush splits, mangled brushes and rounding errors, especially on more complex brush geometry.

If you want to decompile and rebuild a map, do it the right way and always remake every individual brush in the map. It takes much longer, but the end product is better than merging mangled decompiled crap with some new brushwork that makes the map look like frankenstien.

That happened to me once, for some strange reason the decompiler managed to get all my brushwork exactly how I had it before, although certian entities where messed up.

That isn’t supposed to happen by the way, the decompiler will always mess everything up, except these two cases for some reason.

Now on topic:
I found it easier to make a part of GM_Construct from scratch (Took only a half hour) then to try and use a decompiled version and have messed up brushwork and stuff. I even optimised it, something Garry never did.

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WRONG. That’s only in the worst case scenarios.

As I never saw any geometry/brush bugs in-game I didn’t have to redo all of it, some of it was faulty, but I replaced them.

Derailed thread.

It’s still about decompiling maps and such. Just try it out, if it don’t work, ask Garry or browse the internet for it.