Is the rust community a joke?

If it’s not cheating, it’s ddosing, if it’s not ddosing, it’s quitting the server because you got raided

Becoming heavily frustrated - I know the game will be way different on launch… but if this is the community to stick with it, I can’t imagine it growing to what it should be. Just imagine how many people we’ve already lost/stopped playing because of all the trash that’s going on, my server doesn’t even have anyone on it and it’s being ddosed along with several hundred other servers

Think you are just getting a bit unlucky - i have had nothing but good times since buying the game and have nearly 50 hours on it :slight_smile:

Yep think the same, got raided yeah. But i love it, get those suckers back!

It’s amazing, just take a look at this subforum.

Exactly, its a learning experience! You learn that your old base didn’t work and you need to think of ways to improve it/hide it better or whatever your strategy is!

Give it time, and maybe try and find an admin full PvE server that has a no raid rule.

I’ve been following this project/game for a while now, and while I’ve played it for a total of about an hour - I think I’ll be avoiding it until a lot of the glaring bugs and issues are gone.

Hackers are rampant, still, even after VAC wipes. I hope the whole hacking thing dies down a little, as it’s a little ridiculous. I’d also like to wait for a lot more content before I give it a proper bash.

The community and the way it behaves will not change. The best I think Garry can do is introduce an interface for teaming up or cooperation, like a handshake gesture to prevent damage given, and taken. But I think that would be better off as a server mod.

Garry was quoted, saying

Not cool, man. I understand as a company, he wants it to survive - but as a moral obligation he should be working round the clock to get Rust in the best shape it can be. He has taken a lot of money off of early buyers. I’d hate to think this game is in shit state because they are working on ‘other projects’. This is a money maker for them.

A little irrelevant, but whatever.

Rust is a joke, the Rust community is a joke, every shitty minecraft/dayz clone game is a joke. What’s new?

In game community is fine thankfully

It is the forum community with all the idiots. ‘‘Sum gui raided me pls VAC ban him this game sux’’

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Rust has nothing to do with Minecraft or that piece of shit DayZ. Rust is a Rust clone. The only thing Rust has in common with Minecraft is the community sadly.




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“Rust started off as a DayZ clone.”

Facepunch had always been a shitty community as far back as i can remember (2005-06) but they make awesome games though .

If you play on an official server expect hackers. If you play on a low pop private/modded server expect good times

I was frustrated that I was trying to learn how to play and kept getting killed on sight for no reason when I had nothing. Until I found a friendly server and I could learn how to play with nice people. Then that server shutdown and I was sad. So then I bought my own server and now I host a friendly server and help new players and it’s awesome. I love this game with almost 200 hours played now. All because of one friendly server that made this game fun for me.

it’s just a part of the cycle of alpha, I’ve been playing this game for a long time, and it’s nothing new. The ddosing and hacking has been going on since it’s been on web browser all you have to do is brave the storm and continue to enjoy the game for what it is.

The Rust community is the setup, and this thread is the punchline.

You’ve figured it out, ezkl, we can all go home now. Thanks for buying Rust, everyone, tune in next week for garry’s next project. It’ll be called Dickpunch, and it’ll be a multiplayer action platformer, kind of like Samurai Gunn and Nidhogg, but in first person, and the goal is to punch people in the dick while protecting your own manbanana and twinkle berries.

I play on an official server, and since the last few VAC bans and now the sucide hack patch, there is a noticeable change in my ingame experience. The community has definitely changed in game for the better.

Why are you here then you twat

To talk to you, friend.

I’ll just let them explain why it’s a bad community.

Rust started off as a DayZ clone and now there aren’t even going to be zombies in it anymore. Not to mention any non player built cities. Only thing it has to do with DayZ is like what zombies, being open world and looting? and the youtubers with 12 year old fans fucking everything up

And oh god, Minecraft? It literally only has a crafting system in common with Minecraft, and a totally different building system. Guess Rust is also a clone of Guild Wars 2, World of Warcraft, 7 Days to Die, and EvE online. I am surprised nobody has sued Garry yet.

Focus on what it is not what it was.