Is the sandbox community dead?

I used to play probably 7 some years ago, every now and then I see something that I know I could make with wire expressions and shit in sandbox. Is that community still alive? All I hear about sandbox now is that it went the way Minecraft has, it’s turned into a kindergarten over the years. I don’t really give a shit about a few kids but I wouldn’t want to play on servers if I’ve got 7 years on everyone there.

Anyone in their 20s still around? Any good populated servers I could look at?

IJWTB and Metastruct are what you’re looking for.

@Oldrid - Shit, that’s awesome. There’s even a server list! Thanks.

I’ll check out those other servers too

Real Builders, Lumos (Both of which sometimes get kids but generally admins keep on top of them), Fast Red Snail (Still up?), Metastruct, Blue Orifice, probably a lot more. Most have ACF, Wiremod etc.

I’m not looking for a server that bans kids on sight or anything. I’m just looking for servers and people that can satisfy the level of needlessly complicated engineering bullshit that I’m craving. Like, heavy Wiremod expressions and rope tools and parenting type shit. Basically, that thread that was posted above. It’s the type of sandbox that a bunch of kids just couldn’t keep up with.

Thanks for the servers, I’ll check them out as well. What’s ACF?

Armoured Combat Framework. Has guns that damage props based on caliber, velocity, fragments of the rounds plus angle, weight and ductility of the target prop, which are mostly configurable. If you ever used Gcombat, nit’s basically that x1000. The arguably bigger part to it though is the engines system - Engines power gearboxes powering wheels, generating different levels of performance depending on the gearbox & engine used, mass of the wheel, gearbox layout etc.
It’s pretty much what any serious contraptioneer is going to use in some fashion especially if E2 isn’t an option for whatever reason, and generally lends to more believable vehicle behaviour - building aircraft using this is especially challenging. It requires wiremod and can be used in conjunction with E2s to automate certain things - The ACF general thread, if you need help it’s probably already come up here. You’ll need an SVN client like TortoiseSVN to download and update both ACF and Wire. - Post your current WIP. People do what it says in the tin, it’s the closest thing to the Contraptions Section we used to have. I’d go so far as to say 95% of the vehicles in there use ACF.

If you don’t want that, “serious” build servers (Cre8ive, FF, FRS, MineDog for example) are your best choice.

IJWTB, metastruct are not the servers you are looking for.

GGG to an extent, and FRS both have relatively older players who enjoy building things, and ACF combat. Cre8ive and Chronology if you’re in the EU.

“To an extent?” Man, I’m crushed.

I run GGG, we’re a build community that has been around for about as long as you have. We have a heavy focus on ACF Combat with our own lightweight custom addons and gamemode to go with it.

I don’t mean to be a fucking shithead, but some links would be much appreciated… Been looking for them, but I couldn’t find anything

GGG is here:

Novgorod -
Toshkent -
Baikonur (Combat server) -
Ispytaniye (Newbie server) -

You may be a fucking shithead, but you’re my fucking shithead.

Thanks for all these servers, I’ve got a shit ton of things to check out when I get back from vacation. ACF sounds amazing and exactly what I want to get into.

Gotta say I was only expecting a couple replies at most. That’s all I got out of the steam community hub… one of them was from a 13 year old that was “very mature for his age!” and the other little fucker told me I was irrelevant. :frowning:

Yeah if you like playing with idiots and lag. That is not a server for people actually interested in building.

Christ I remember all of the melodramatic “gmod is dead because people don’t use basic hl2 peops anymore” threads in this section from back in 2010/2011

One of my first posts on this forum was about an e2 mech I made, and people lamented that it was the end of “proper mech construction.” My how time flies.