Is the silencer a WIP I don't like the look of it.

I don’t know whether the silencer that is currently in game was added directly from the unity library or did the dev’s design it themselves… I really wanted the bean can silencer.

If you would go to and read the dev diaries you would find out.

Okay it is placeholder, I neglected a sentence whilst reading it thursday, cheers batman.

A silencer as big as the beancan would totally obscure the ironsight.

The current placeholder already obscures the auto pistol iron sight

I know this and as you say it is a placeholder. Now imagine how much a beancan would block the sight.

For a placeholder they should have used a lounge cushion or something. It would have been fairly comical seeing them taped to the end of the rifles etc. :happy:

the bean can is big, and it can block the iron sight. but its rust , there shouldn’t be nothing fancy just hand crafted stuff. plus if they set the silencer hole in the center of the bean can ,the aiming would be ruined, but they can offset it maybe all the way to one side , this would make where it won’t block anymore than the current silencer. Similar to this silencer , but it won’t look this pretty :slight_smile:

I really wish they would have added suppressors in the form of old oil filters instead of military grade stuff. Everything we have in Rust is improvised and cobbled together from scrap, from our clothing to our weapons. To me, having military grade weapon mods robs from the ambience of Rust.

Good thing it’s placeholder art like almost everything else that gets added to the game.

I understand it’s placeholder atm. I’m just hoping that they do something cool with it and make it fit into the Rust theme, because having a proper suppressor looks rather out of place.

Or a sausage.