Is the sky still bugged for amd users?

I want to know if amd users are still experiencing the skybug and artefacting

I’m on a Radeon HD 7790 and I launch with -force-d3d9. No problems whatsoever (no sky glitches, no upside down hands, and no performance issues).

I’m running a 6970 and no artifacting or glitchy sky here either. Game runs flawlessly.

I have a Radeon X1800 GTO, and the terrain and backgrounds are almost all black, and the sky is solid pink. The torch lights things up but it’s always really dark, even during the day.

I don’t think that was an AMD issue, was it? I know Nvidia people who had the same problem.

Anyway I use AMD and don’t get any sky bug.

All graphical glitches got fixed on latest patch for me. -7970.


The latest patch fixed mostly all of the graphical issues I was getting, however the sky is still solid pink at all times.