Is the Stargate mod dead?

The official stargate mod thread is closed and has been for almost a year and this is a mod I really want. is useless at getting me the mod as the only tutorial on offer uses links that do not work anymore. This is my first post and I just want to ask is the stargate mod dead?

I dont really think its closed…
Avon makes a new thread every time the last one gets locked.
Its far from dead.

That’s nice to know. It only came up with a closed thread when I searched stargate: /. Thanks for the link :slight_smile:

The only copy i can find anywheer is at Http://
its og there downloads page under ‘SG’, you can still get a working copy there, its no svn though.

Thor, Glua is SVN, they’re hourly SVN pulls or so.

Yeah, but the SG SVN is dead, so Glua is really acting like a mirror now.

I saw a few posts saying there will be a update coming soon but I honestly don’t know for sure

There 4 hour ‘pulls’ and they don’t acctually update if the svn is dead, Thanks for your contribution

the SG Mod on glua works just fine, everything works fine, so download it. also, take a look at avon’s current stargate thread and read the instructions he wrote on downloading the SG Mod from glua.

yes it is

i hope it comes back up but for now i will try glua