Is the stone door glitch going to be patched this week?

This door issue is a big issue, Garry please patch the servers to fix this glitch as soon as possible, hate seeing people throwing c4 through the half open doors.

It’s already fixed. This probably will be no issue anymore in the next (monday) update.

I was hoping they would release a patch for just this issue today at some point, don’t want to wait till Monday for this particular fix.

all the real updates are waiting until mondays now:/

I notice that if they make the door open outwards and the bug is there, you can stand on it. Not normally, but if it is on a hill sometimes you can. Can then hit floor 2 for raiding.

Yea, I thought bugs were going to be patched all week so there would be a stable(ish) version by the weekend.

That would just become too much to maintain

Not if managed properly. It’s half the reason you use version control that allows for branching.

If this isn’t happening, it seems to be somewhat diminishing the purpose of moving the updates to Monday. (The move, by the way, at least this first weekend, has resulted in the ‘weekend rush’ not happening at all, with the player counts standing steady all the way through the week through the weekend.)

I meant patching all week. As in every bug that pops up, because switching back and fourth branches can start to take a lot of time. Obviously they should be addressing severe, game breaking, bugs asap.

Weekend rush did as I expected. flat-lined. This weekend will be the important piece to the data puzzle.