Is the way make map smaller ?

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Talking about terrain number. What does it mean? Count of pixels? And possible make map much shortest?
Every server never had 300-500 players online to explore all map and made pvp everywhere

The playable area on Rust_Island_2013 in legacy is 6km². The procedural maps in experimental will be able to be arbitrary sizes, but unless garry’s made very recent changes, you can’t configure the size yet. The default size in experimental, unless it’s changed recently, is 8km².

So, it’s not really that much bigger than legacy was, and eventually you’ll be able to set it as large or small as you want.

Considering that most people leave the northern biome pretty quickly, (due to there being no animals there), and most people tend to only venture into the southern biome for resources, (lots of ore rocks, but again, very few animals), most of the players tend to be concentrated in the 2-3 km band across the middle, where animals are plentiful. If you have played on a popular server, these areas are plenty populated enough you will find. If the maps were any smaller, it would be very hard to establish a base anywhere without being killed in the first 3 minutes!

I want the maps larger, in fact i’d rather have a planet to explore not a map like legacy or the current Experimental.

Do they really not spawn up there or do you just mean there are less up there? I found a bear up north once, but I definitely noticed a lack of animals.

Add ProceduralSmall
To your server config line

Animals and stones do spawn in north and south but there are fewer of them compared to the middle.

Yes, as far as I am aware, in the last few updates there have been no animals spawning in the northern or southern biomes. (Obviously near the biome borders, animals can wonder across). They used to spawn everywhere, (about a month ago), but I spent a couple of hours exploring to the north and south this weekend, and didn’t encounter any animals at all, except in the wooded areas in the middle.

So possible change size of experimental map now or wait for recent changes of garry?

The instructions kulan posted work. The small map is really small, and you can’t change what the size is.

Being able to enter configuration options to have the map be, say, 4.25km² or 64km² because that’s the size that’s best for you and your server? That has to wait for garry to make changes.

I have 45-50 middle online, map are too large. Over 300 servers in community and 200+ on modded tab. Never had online 100+, so good idea to make size of map changeable in future (in pixels).

Lol, in pixels ? The number might be quite large… considering the current map is 8,000,000 meters squared… that would be a LOT of pixels!

i think that minecraft uses a bitmap kind of approach, where each “pixel” in the map image is a single block on the map. possibly what he means?

Well thats an idea! Planet Rust!

Theres your next game garry, dont forget i want royalty if you do :wink:

And once you’ve conquered the planet, you can craft a space ship and take over the galaxy! lol