Is the XP system definatly arriving on thursday 5th

I guys just wanted to clear things up regarding the wipe and XP system

will it be implemented on the next wipe does anyone for definate as garry confirmed


I sure hope it does.

Rustafied mentioned on Reddit that they asked Helk and he said there’s a 0% chance of it being added this update, so take that how you will.

Sounds like they have made up their mind, but who knows - information is better than random chatter :slight_smile:

As player of the pre release server I can tell that it still needs some balancing! It is super magnificent awesome great! I truly like the XP system. Nevertheless it needs some balancing and some time to be balanced well enough for both the noob players and hardcore players.

They wanted it to be implemented only when they reached the “well-balanced final version”. So I don’t think they will add it yet and as Cushie said (I wasn’t able to find it, but it’s most likely there) they said that it would not be there on the 5th.

If you would like to try it; I really can recommend playing the pre release servers. Just wait for todays update (for pre release) and then they will fix the house bug that currently occurs. If it got fixed, then of you go and try out this masterpiece of a XP System! :wink:

My thoughts: Absolutely not.

Why not?

  1. Facepunch has never set a date, other then “when it is completely ready”.
  2. Last few devblogs hardly mentioned EXP, so how can it be completely ready?
  3. The current pre release edition is very much a WIP, so there hasn’t been a tested edition that is near ready.

Hold on to your blueprints, kids. The hype is getting intense, but who cares what random kids think.

How about electricity first. I’ve been waiting 6 months for that. , top two posts

Thank you man!:slight_smile:

Dude, I’ve been waiting for trees to fall over when cut for 3 years.
And I still think essential stuff need to be done first.

Cheers for the info guys

remember when garry said it was only going to take a month… 3 months ago…

so, you rather play on a unstable patch than wait a month to play something decent

People will complain, no matter if they add it now or later. I prefer getting it later and more polished.

There won’t be exp system this week.

yeah so thats why it is called “childish” to public something which is not even 10% finished :slight_smile:
i hope garry just sell the game to another company

I disagree. I paid for a early access game under heavy developement, I wanted to be part of the process and it is absolutely awesome to see how the game evolves.

But facepunch is doing great compared to… Other developers.
I mainly use Rust as an example in other game forums to compare development progresses.
So far I haven’t found a game that has made same or more improvement than facepunch did with Rust.

We need XP System ASAP.

you can, go play the prerelease branch.