Is their a way to do a really solid weld?

Is their a way to do a really solid weld?

Lets say for example I weld 2 poles upright next to eachother then weld a small one across the middle of them… If something heavy on a rope was hanging and bouncing from it it’d bounce the weld right out of place. If you pulled on a welded piece with a winch it would just pull it further and further away rather than holding it solid.

I’m a newb so how the hell can I weld stuff so its solid… As if thats how the actual piece was shaped the whole time? Not able to bounce and bend.

This could work.

I’ll give it a go

Note that will not work on servers without that tool. I advise downloading the Weight Tool and making the support prop heavy.

Don’t weld every prop to each other. Instead, weld every prop to a large, central prop (in your case one of the poles). Having multiple welds on a prop makes them weaker. In addition, use the Weight Tool to make the central prop very heavy compared to the rest of the props.

What you descibed is bascially what the parenting tool does.

No, not really.

The parenting tool syncs the parented props movement to its parent, it is totally unable to move by itself. This results in many collision bugs.

Welding many things to a heavy prop has most force applied to the welded props transferred to the central prop, which resists more due to the weight.

Parenting is 100% lag free good for building spaceships.

But parenting thing is quite a bit different for example: if you set the Parent of Part X to Part Y. Now if you connect a hoverball to Part X. The hoverball wont do anything as PartX is moved by Part Y so it wont work the other way around like welds do.

Warning: The Parent tool is very buggy it crashes a server for example if you parent a prop to chair