Is their a way to make a permanent Zombie spawner?

Hey guys is their a way to make a zombie spawner that will start in the same spot even if the server restarted/crashed? I am wondering this because if I can make a permanent spawner I can have alot more choices for a zombie rp map. Thanks

You could edit the map. Or you could possibly have a zombie spawn, spawn when the map starts.

I know nothing about map editing, but if there as way to code a spawner then please tell me one.

This is a guess, but, you could spawn the NPC platform and right click it. Then select “Make persistent”. Like I said though, just a guess.

“Something of note is sbox_persist. Set it to 1 on your server and people will be able to make props persistant. Which means that when the server restarts, or the map changes, the persistent props will still be there (make props persistent via the properties menu). This is an experiment.”

That seems reasonable, but it may not work for SENTS.

That worked!!! thank you for bringing it up :slight_smile: Now I can have zombie rp server on any map and have permanent spawners!!

Will it save props on the next restart?