Is there a "Advert" plugin for GMod

Hi i have just got my 1st GMod server and trying to set i tup, i was told to come to facepunch. 1st thing is, is there a Avert plugin for GMod? Other than the one that assmod comes with. I do like the Adverts on the top on the screen.

Search for the term “advert” or have custom built server maps with the adverts as textures.

ULX, has an integrated advertising function, you can change the ad’s in-game with XGUI for example.

Else you try the Advertisement plugin in for sourcemod?

He means for the things at the top. In which case, no, only ASSMod does that.

But you can easily modify it to be standalone.

Ok thanks, i will look into see what source plugins there are for it.