Is there a "best" size for displacements?

I recall someone saying that for all their displacements they’d make a whole bunch of 256x256 blocks then sew them together at the end. I also recall someone saying they used 512x512. Is there some largely agreed upon size for displacements? I quickly looked over the displacement construction section of the VDC and didn’t see anything so I thought I’d ask here.

I use power 3 512x512 displacements

Oh yes I know to use a power of three, all I need are peoples opinions on the block sizes (thanks for that).

Power of 3 isn’t really necessary unless you’re only using it on small areas


It is if you don’t want arse displacements. Besides, it has hardly any performance hit and you can use loads of them.

Alright, I’m going with 512x512. And @ ZapDing, no offense meant, but using anything less than 3 looks pretty bad and 4 can cause some problems, so I’m sticking with 3.

I never use anything except power of 2.

Usually you want to use power 3, because that means you can have the same quality, but bigger displacements, which results in you using less displacements.

and I always use 1024x1024 platforms on displacements.

Depends, if it’s a mainly open area I use 512x512 but if there are finer details/hills I use 256x256…

Just a habit of mine lol

I… I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic, because right now you’re saying the exact kinds of things that make me think of a bad map. I mean not to insult you or anything but right now I’m using power three 512x512 displacements and I can’t imagine power of two on 1024x1024 could look good on anything but the most expansive of landscapes.

Right to clear this up, power of 4 is not the issue. It’s the density of displacement vertices that causes the crash. if you use power of 2 on a 12x12 displacement you will probably get the same error.
1024x1024 at power 3 is good I find if you want to fill the whole applicable grid space in the top down views to make a nice rolling landscape. You won’t hot the 2048 max displacement limit and still have plenty left over to make rock formations and cliffs. Just my 2c.

512 p3

I prefer using a 256 square grid, and having it at a power of 3. probably a bit intense on the engine, but it should normally handle it fine.

256x256 for detail and playable area, 512x512 for areas out of reach, requiring less detail, 1024x1024 or above for really far away areas like the 3d skybox.

quick side-question.

for maps that are mainly entirely displacements with buildings and props scattered here and there, how would you set up VIS? would you make the entire map one visleaf?

I was told one should use func_viscluster, but I’ve yet to mess around with it or find any helpful tutorials on the subject…

And another technique was areaportal textures? Placing them on one side of a brush or something, I’m not entirely sure, I’d love some advice on the matter too.

Fun fact, displacements are cheaper than brushes to render. You’ll only be increasing filesize.

I find that i can barely notice the difference between 10243 and 5123, and 256*3 is just overkill.
1024 is cheaper, looks just fine, and will not run you over the displacement limit