Is there a better way to organize Gmod Addons

Okay, finding models is hard especially when you have thousands installed.
My question is, is there a better way to organize them like adding new categories and naming them for eg. Zombies, Soliders. then adding the models you want into them so that it would be easier to find them.

P.S If there is a way to do it ingame that’d be even better!

Its fairly easy, you just need to know where your models are under the browse tab :slight_smile:

Now you should have a list of all the props etc… as shown below

Finally and simply

By the way, make sure to hit the save icon after you have made your categories and changes, or they will not be there next time you start Garry’s Mod, you will need to navigate back to the props tab to find it, refer to image 1 and look above Alyx’s spawn icon.

Job Done. :slight_smile:

Oh wow thanks man, exactly what i wanted

No problem, happy to help :slight_smile: