Is there a build in running animation for SWEPS I can access?

I was wondering how to add a running animation to my SWEP (more of changing the model’s offset), is there a base I should use that has access to that?

What i do is similar to how the iron sights work only it puts it in the position and angle that i want for the sprinting.

Yea, that’s what I’m looking for. How would I go about doing that?


So, would this just be added to the SWEP code, or in another function?
I’m used to AS3, so this is kinda new to me.

In the SWEP’s cl_init.lua you would add this as a function.

function SWEP:GetViewModelPosition(pos,ang)

What would the function look like? I can’t find anything on the Gmod Wiki about using this. Is there a If,Then,Else statement I should use?

Take a look at how other weapons do it.