Is there a code to spawn an adv dupe from a SWEP?

Is there a code to spawn an adv dupe from a SWEP? If so, what is it please?

It’s called a toolgun. See if there’s any file with it anywhere in the gmod folders or perhaps on the Wiki if you’re lucky.

I mean so when I use secondary attack with a SWEP, it will spawn an advanced dupe. Any ideas on the code?

Yes. The advanced dupe left-click.

ok you’re probably going to think I’m really stupid but i can’t find/ think of how to place that in the lua of a SWEP. I’ve tried searching on gmod wiki and couldn’t find anything about it and am stuck. Can someone either link me to the code or tell me it please?

maybe check the advance duplicator source code?

oh god you guys are not helping at all be ashamed

default garrysmod code bins(like the code for sandbox and stuff):

you can use either of these to search through default scripts


However you want advanced duplicator spawning, so really you need to be looking in the wiremod(adv dupe is a wiremod accessory) files.

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heres the wiremod root, start here

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now you have all you need, if this is too hard you should practice other kinds of scripts for awhile.

Thanks I think I’ve got it sorted now. and yea I’ve only really been doing this for like a month so i not particularly good yet
Just tried to make it and couldn’t do it. Thanks for help anyways but i gonna try other stuff first now i think so i can get better.