Is there a date in mind for Rust?

Ok… I don’t wanna seem like one of the other Rust Lusting fags that wanna play very badly. Now i want to play but No, I am not asking for a code. I know This game is in early development but I’m just wandering if the developers or coders or alpha testers or whoever else that contributes to this game (also Garry) has a date in mind when Rust will be able to be played by people that can purchase codes. Now I hate comparing things to minecraft (and CoD lol) but will this game have a similar system like minecraft where when its released to the public for purchase it will be in alpha or beta or something and it will update automatically as updates are made. Now I’m sorry for probably sounding like a noob and I’m aware of it being in early development but I’m just curios… also thank you for your time everybody!

It is in very early Alpha, no date has been announced.

Please search a little more before posting.

I didn’t think there would be a date announced yet but i was hoping :slight_smile: but yeah, sorry for not searching enough.

No need to apologize, just figured I’d hop in and answer ya before people started flaming. I have opened a Facebook like page if you’re interested, will be keeping up-to date information on the page at all times; also hoping I can post immediately if/when more keys become available. Search for my thread if this sounds appealing to you.

Thanks, I appreciate it :slight_smile:

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The devs commented on the OP question, read the FAQ here if you like