Is there a dismemerment mod in Gmod 9???

I really want the dismembermenr mod for Gmod9 im too lazy to pay for the newer ones plz send link

No, get gmod 10, it’s worth the money

>_< idk yet i trust valve but i heard Gmod 10 dosen’t work on vista

There is none.


And it works on vista.

ok whatever

kk, they aint 1 4 gmod, so u hav to buy gmod 10… srry i coudnlt help u

Everything pretty much works on vista, you’re just the average bandwagoning person that thinks Vista fails with everything.

I thought it woudn’t work on vista but it runs fine since i’m using it. Also there is much more addons and fun mods for gmod 10. So get gmod 10!