Is there a dupe hack atm?

My friend and I managed to raid a house a few days ago that had over 1500+ explosives on North America 1. And we’ve seen some crazy metal bases. Is there duping going on atm?

yup, +

Wallhacks “literally” they can grab things inside your base without going inside
Super jumping
& more…

Must be, because on my server we were just exploring like you do and we saw a massive metal house roughly 20x20 and about 10 high and the server had only been up less than a week at that point so we decided to go in and saw chests stacked full with C4 bolt actions and m4’s, kevlar ect

well, me and my friends are able to achieve the same thing without hacking or whatsoever in 2 days ( 2 human days ). but still, those hacks exist. dupe is the easiest ;p

Absolute Bullsh**. All of you did not achieve that in 2 days unless you stayed up for 48 hours straight and or had a group of 20+ people farming for that ENTIRE time. Even then highly unlikely.

Definitely a dupe hack going on. We ran into a base with like 100+ C4 in it; with no raw explosives.

Pretty silly.

oh im playing with 7 friends. we didn’t raid and we do play 18 hours a day. But very well then, s*** your own b**** and play minesweeper. stop ranting like a kid, get a life.

but a 20x20 with 10 stories?

Yeah no.

Think the “kid” is the one lying about creating a house that costs over 5000 Low quality metal in 2 days. But please, continue :smile:

You guys are playing rust 18 hours a day but “I” need the life eh?

Sir, may I ask you, what’s your definition of life?

4x4 25 stories. but nvm, 20x20 is far bigger. my bad. i will add another foundation to make it 20x20.

i’m just saying, it’s not that hard.

Yeah you should probably read before posting then because the ceilings alone would take 2 fucking days hahahaha

imo they should do wipes once every 1-2 weeks

thats what i normally do every 2-3 weeks

See those chests? They had EVERY SINGLE item in the game FULL STACKS… about 100 FULL STACKS of EACH item in game.

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made with over 3,000 metal house items

encountered my first hacker today… kept harassing my friends. We kept killing him with close quarters cause he kept coming back to our base and tried raiding it. We got aimbotted on the head in split seconds. we won with numbers but he had a total of 50 c4 and aimbotted the shit out of us.

First he came with 15 c4 and we killed him. second time he came back with 15 c4 15 minutes later. 3rd time he came back with 20 c4! he used the majority on our walls…and eventually we lost cause we gave up. he did this raid BY HIMSELF FOR A STRAIGHT 6 HOURS.

The thing is the server has 50 ppl and** NO AIRDROPS**. he’s not friends with admin and he isn’t admin himself. so obv he’s hacking.

sorry i just kinda had to vent.