is there a fix on this yet?

ERROR: GAMEMODE:‘HUDPaint’ Failed: sandbox/gamemode/cl_init.lua:74: attempt to call method ‘PaintNotes’ (a nil value)

i have tried everything. every fucking thing.


bump because this shit needs to be fixed


bump because this shit needs to be fixed

Bump, also his toolgun wont work and spawn menu cant be opened.

List addons.
I know puddle jumper addon does this.

Clean Up Garry’s Mod.

addons: phx 3, dynamic water thingy, wiremod svn and ragmorph. basically errything that is trusted

and no clean gmod installation didnt fix this
neither did unistall - reinstall


shit hit the fan with update 73 or something and my gmod hasnt updated since




Stop bumping the fucking thread

Unless you are going to cooperate with the users that are willing to help you, mindless bumps will not help you at all.

No answer has been posted yet so im just trying to keep this on the top so POSSIBLY a fix could be found.

bump because this hasn’t been fixed

Maybe because 73 isn’t the latest GMod update…?

Although, even when 73 was the latest, I didn’t get this error.

Nope, his garrysmod version is the newest, he just said he got the problems shortly or right after that update happened.

A Clean Garrysmod will fix this, irregardless of what you say.

Just rename the Garrysmod folder to Garrysmod_old, launch Gmod and I guarantee you it’ll work.

^hasn’t fixed this problem, i keep getting it no matter how clean my gmod folders are

Then you’ve somehow screwed up something outside the garrysmod/garrysmod folder. That’s an impressive feat. You could always try reinstalling steam. It could theoretically be a problem in the HL2 engine. If that doesn’t work, we can’t really help you, because the problem has almost nothing to do with GMod

I have not incountered this problem but for a time update 73 did fuck my tool gun…I think I would try to find garry and start poking him till he tells you how to fix it

He won’t. That’s what this forum is for.

i was being sarcastic -_-