Is there a gabe newell model?

I am wondering if there is a gabe newell model for gmod?


Here are some models:

I have even uploaded this pack to long time ago, but later it got deleted.

But your game will crash because his model is too big

And Episode 3 will be delayed.


That’s almost enough time to scrape enough money to build a new computer after your current explodes due to overwork!

i lol’d


I would hate to see what the gmod community would do to that community.

thanks for delaying episode three!wanna be freinds?

Gabe player model.

You’re in luck, a nice guy named holmess who hexes and turns ragdolls into players made a Gabe Newell player.


Rimlanin already posted a link.

I feel bad for Gabe Newl lol oh well.

even if the model is for ccs, can i still load it in gmod?

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