Is there a good mapper who could help me please ? I can pay 20 bucks if yes :)

Hi everyone, I have something to ask to someone making maps, I need some help but as I’m french, it will be easier to speak using a microphone :slight_smile:

If you guys can help me out with my problem, I will pay 20 dollars ( not more because of the student budget ) but its still a reward, right ? ^^

Thanks for the consideration mates, D./

Yet you didn’t even say what your problem is.

I know, but it’s a complicated story that’s why I need to speak with a microphone as it’s hard for me to write in english… Well it’s to take a map and help me with unlocking it for me to put it on my serv

I really doubt anybody will be interested unless you post your problem here. Why waste time on something don’t even know anything about?

“unlock” a map?

I think I can try to explain but… Yes in fact I can play on a map I see joining the server that has it, but when I try to launch the game in singleplayer with it, I only see like a big messy blur, that’s the same for my friends… Like a skybox problem or something but on all the map, any idea ?

I believe that’s fallback textures or something… what map?

I could give you the file but I don’t think there is a workshop link for this one :slight_smile: It’s a SW map