is there a HQ texture patch for Gmod?

I saw many people using gmod and they made very decent picture from the game.
they are a expert! but I don’t know how they can enhance their gmod graphic.

is there a HQ texture patch or something? for TF2 models?
I tried some HQ console command,but It doesn’t help at all.

They don’t replace the textures of the game, that is difficult and annoying. They either use color correction in videos or use tricks in photoshop.

but…look at this picture! the creator said ‘I didn’t use any photoshop trick for this picture’…
I can’t imagine original graphic of Gmod did like this…

It did, he just had posed models and a light set up

Maybe you’ll like this

oh…it was trick some using light…thanks for reply

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is the cinematic mod can be used for Gmod?
the information said ‘it is for HL2’

HL2 mod

It doesn’t work for gmod, he posted it because it’s an absolute joke to everyone and anyone who has ever seen it