Is there a limit on resource.addfile?

Hello. Im going to cut to the chase. Im in need of help because im setting up a server and I want to use FastDL.
I know you have to upload the files to a webserver and make sure there on the server itself and link it and do the whole resource.addfile thing this is where I get stuck

My FastDL works but only a little bit - when you joining you download some of the files not all of them and they are on the webserver and the server itself.

I did every single file and put it into a a lua file and it makes out to about 6000 lines of resource.AddFile. I placed it in lua/autorun. It works but only a little bit it only downloads some of the files not all 6000 of them.

So im wondering if there is a easier way I could use resource.AddFile or if there is a limit on the amount of lines you can have in one lua file?

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Lol forgot to add that

is url

You better use workshop lol

The content is over 1.2gb so id have to seperate it into like 100’s of parts. Anyone have any suggestions?

  1. Workshop compresses
  2. 1.2GB!? Are you serious? :suicide: I doubt anyone will download that to join a single server.

Its probably around 800 actually because when compressed its about 200.

Do yourself a favour, join your own server without any of the custom content, see how long it takes and then possibly make further judgement based on that.

Content should never go over 200 mb regardless of your server. Ever

(Unless its a fretta server)