Is there a max file size for a map via workshop when starting up server?

I’m trying to load this map… gm_mobenix_v3_final_mp_fixed and… when i try to load it via workshop when it finally loads it crash’s, the map is 211 MB so i was wondering if this was the reason? its a really good map and i wanted to use it as a map on my second server

I cant even connect to it, because it wont even load up when it finish’s it just crash’s is it because the map is too big?



You don’t need to bump more than once a day. Is this just happening to you, or other people that join? It might be your computer not being able to handle it.

My computer is fine.

When the server has actually started it just crash’s and then starts up again, and no how can it be happening to other people because when it starts it crash’s

Oh, sorry. You weren’t really specific where it was crashing. So the server is crashing. Is it from a provider, or are you home-basing it?

By the looks of the page, it seems like other people have been having trouble with it crashing their servers too. Perhaps you could add one of them on steam and ask them if they found a solution, or add the uploader and ask him.

its hosted on my PC the server, its weird other maps are fine but i really wanted to try that map its quite big its got a bowling alley race track area with NPC Cars, disco, working train system with built in train

should i post my crash logs here? can you read them?


The map size has nothing to do with it; some maps just do not load correctly die to GMod updates over the years.